Creating a Healing Community: A Training Manual for Healing Centers in the Higher Life/Alliance Heritage

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Your church or ministry can be a community of healing!

Adapted from tried and true principles and practices of historic healing centers of the Higher Life movements and The Christian and Missionary Alliance, this manual shows you how to implement practically a comprehensive healing ministry in the 21st century.





“You have inspired me! It was your writing and passion that was part of God igniting a fresh spark in my soul. Bless you. I am delighted to endorse this training manual. You are gift to your Alliance family.”—Rev. David Hearn, President, The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada

“ I am very excited about Paul King’s new book about “Healing Communities.” In the early days of the C&MA, “Houses Of Healing” were a powerful part of our ministry. I hope this book will be used of God to spark an interest in this much-needed ministry, and give guidance to those led of God to launch into it. I urge everyone in Christian Ministry to read this book!”—Rev. Dick Sipley, Associate Evangelist, Canadian Revival Fellowship, Alliance pastor, author of Understanding Divine Healing

“Paul King is a wonderful Alliance historian. More than that he is passionate to see the original vision of the early Alliance leaders restored in our day. This analysis of healing homes is insightful and helpful. It is more than a history though. It is a helpful, practical guide on the practice of prayer for healing, and of our need to boldly pray for the healing ministry to become a common practice today. Read this to both learn and be refreshed.” —Rev. Dr. David Chotka, Chair, Alliance Pray!Team (C&MA Canada); Lead Pastor, Heritage Park Alliance Church (Windsor, Ontario); Conference Speaker; Author, Power Praying, Discerning The Voice, Sifting Our Discerning.